The power of denial

Denial literally means “saying no” to something, but we tend to think of it in a negative way. We say things like, “He’s in denial” when someone’s not accepting a truth. Here’s a concerning example of Reagan talking about Native Americans: We’ve done everything we can [stop residential schooling & child removals] to meet their … Continue reading The power of denial

Power, Force & Corruption

Building on some previous posts about power objects and healing unjust power dynamics, I realised it would be wise to define power and related terms. Energy is defined in physics as the ability to do work, and spiritually I have been taught that work is worship. The ways we work/worship result in beautifully diverse e-motion (energy … Continue reading Power, Force & Corruption

Altars, Shrines & Power Objects

  I am delighted to hear from people having success working with ancestral altars and have been asked to write more generally about altar and shrine practices. I will also talk about power objects. Starting with etymology, “altar” is from a Latin word for “on high” (like altitude) and refers to honouring and worshipping great gods … Continue reading Altars, Shrines & Power Objects

Healing Unjust Power Dynamics

Through a Shipibo elder of the Amazon I learned that about 90% of the thought-loops that circulate our minds are not based in ego, but in ancestral trauma. I learned through Dakota Earth Cloud Walker that ancestry is defined in three ways: blood lineage, ancestry of place, and personal karma. Personal karma refers to past, … Continue reading Healing Unjust Power Dynamics

Part 1: Toilet paper wars (from the Western worldview)

This is part one of a series of blogs looking at the great Corona virus toilet paper hoarding of 2020 by Lukas. The odds of any one individual getting the Corona virus are so far quite low, and the probability of severe symptoms or death even lower. Making individual decisions based on this low probability … Continue reading Part 1: Toilet paper wars (from the Western worldview)


Valerie’s Research Infographics: Principles of Indigenous Science Aboriginal Science Space Research Cycle Aboriginal IP Checklist Aboriginal People’s Data Valerie’s Powerpoint Presentations: Child, State & Social Policy (NSW, Australia 2019) Justice is Healing: An Indigenous Approach to Sexual Trauma (Social Work Ph.D. public presentation, US 2017) An Indigenous Approach to Trauma & Healing (Social Work Practitioner … Continue reading Presentations

Reciprocity & the Resentment-Denial Dance

This week I am moving through some grief. I had known that a friendship would end had been observing it fade away for a while, and I was hoping it would just fade and drift gracefully into nothingness, but that was not what occurred. Not only was there a calling out of disrespectful behaviour that … Continue reading Reciprocity & the Resentment-Denial Dance

Healing Whiteness Trauma

“The first step in liquidating a people…is to erase its memory…Before long a nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster.”—Milan Kundera Whether you are considered “white” or not, I feel confident saying you have been impacted by whiteness trauma, and as this … Continue reading Healing Whiteness Trauma


Most of us are familiar with outliers from mathematics, as illustrated by this image:               I have always felt like an outlier. Outliers can be inspiring leaders, and can also be absolutely crazy. Most outliers, in my experience, embody a bit of brazen madness that carries us outside the … Continue reading Outliers

Guest Post: On Climate Change

Dear Greta, I admire your fire and passion, and your courage to take on so much of the world’s attention. Whether this attention be loving, ambivalent, or hostile, the sheer weight of it is no doubt burdensome, in a way you may not yet even realise. I am writing to suggest that you are missing … Continue reading Guest Post: On Climate Change