I am also a space-holder, medicine woman, and teacher. My name is Valerie Schwan Cloud Clearer Ringland. I am called Cloud Clearer because as a medicine woman I facilitate clarity and grounding to help people become more receptive to inner wisdom and nourishment. I have lived experienced of intense trauma, grief and loss, physical health challenges, spiritual crises, and conflicts. By transforming this “shit” into fertiliser, I experience healing and am able to support others through their own deep healing. 

An Indigenous scientist and empowerment researcher, professionally I have over a decade of experience in social policy and practice in government, legal, and social service settings in Australia, the US, India, South Africa and Peru. I have a Ph.D. in social work, J.D. in law, B.A. in maths, and certifications in mediation, restorative justice, and shamanism, and has apprenticed in indigenous and shamanic healing methods including ceremonial dancing and sweat lodge ceremonies. This website, and the workshops, events, and healing work I do out of Sydney, Australia is part of the gift economy, what many Native Americans call “the give-away”. 

My cosmology is Indigenous; I am an animist. I am an East Frisian woman with Eastern European Jewish-American heritage who was greatly impacted by an adoptive Irish-American mother. I was born in the U.S. of land traditionally tended by Shawnee people, and raised of land traditionally tended by Cherokee. I have lived throughout North and South America, as well as India and South Africa. My husband Luke is an Australian Anglo-Celtic man, and we live in Australia of land traditionally tended by Eora Nation.