I am also a space-holder, medicine woman, researcher, and teacher by the name of Valerie Schwan Cloud Clearer Ringland. My spiritual gifted name is Cloud Clearer (Wulkeabklortjer in my heart’s language, East Frisian) because I facilitate clarity and receptivity to inner wisdom and nourishment. I have lived experiences of intense trauma, grief and loss, physical health challenges, spiritual crises, kundalini awakenings, and conflicts. By transforming this “shit” into fertiliser, I experience healing and am able to support others on their healing journeys.


My cosmology is Indigenous; I am an animist. I am an East Frisian Ashkenazi Jewish-American woman who was greatly impacted by an adoptive Irish-American mother. I was born in the U.S. of land traditionally tended by Shawnee people, and raised of land traditionally tended by Cherokee. I have lived throughout North and South America, as well as India and South Africa. My husband Luke is an Australian Anglo-Celtic man, and we live in Australia on land that is under the sovereignty of Eora Nation and their ancestry. 

I practice indigenous science through supporting people in healing as well as research and policy work. I have over a decade of experience in healing work as well as social policy and practice in Australia, the U.S., India, South Africa and Peru. In terms of formal training, I have a Ph.D. in social work, a J.D. in law, B.A. in maths, and certifications in mediation, restorative justice, kundalini yoga, and shamanic healing. I have also done apprenticeships in indigenous healing methods, including ceremonial dancing, earthing ceremonies, dreamwork, sweat lodge ceremonies, and sacred circle-keeping. This website, and the workshops, events, and healing work I do out of Sydney, Australia is part of the gift economy, what many Native Americans call “the give-away”.