Hi, I’m Valerie Ringland, and I live in Sydney, Australia. My spiritual name is CloudClearer, as my medicine supports clarity and grounding so you become more receptive to inner wisdom and nourishment. I have experienced healing intense trauma, grief and loss, physical health challenges, spiritual crises, and conflicts. By transforming “shit” in our lives into fertiliser, we create a healthier environment for us all. 

I am an animist. My patrilineal lineage is East Frisian, matrilineal Eastern European Jewish, and my adoptive matrilineal lineage is Irish Catholic American lineage, I was born in the U.S. of land traditionally tended by Shawnee people, and raised of land traditionally tended by Cherokee and Creek. I have lived throughout North and South America, as well as India and South Africa. I was initially called to Australia in 2010, where I met my now-husband Luke of Australian Anglo Saxon Celtic heritage. After spending time in the Americas, we returned to Australia, my adoptive Mother Land, where we are living of land traditionally tended by members of the Eora Nation. 

I have the following formal training:


  • A Ph.D. in social work with the dissertation Justice is Healing: An Indigenous Approach to Sexual Trauma.
  • Mediation and Restorative Justice certifications
  • A J.D. in law, with certificates in child and family law and public service
  • B.A. in mathematics with a minor in English
  • Yoga Teacher and Reiki certifications
  • International School of Shamanism Mesa Carrier
  • Apprenticeship, ceremonial dancing & sweat lodge work with indigenous elders
  • Wilderness medicine & other wilderness training

And I have the following training through life experience.