Hi, I’m Valerie Ringland. Born in the US, I am currently located in Sydney, Australia. My spiritual name is CloudClearer, as my medicine supports clarity and grounding so you become more receptive to inner wisdom and nourishment. I have experience healing intense trauma, grief and loss, physical health challenges, spiritual crises, and conflicts. By transforming “shit” in our lives into fertiliser, we create a healthier environment for everybody. I have the following formal training:


  • A Ph.D. in social work with the dissertation Justice is Healing: An Indigenous Approach to Sexual Trauma.
  • Mediation and Restorative Justice certifications
  • A J.D. in law, with certificates in child and family law and public service
  • B.A. in mathematics with a minor in English
  • Yoga Teacher and Reiki certifications
  • International School of Shamanism Mesa Carrier
  • Apprenticeship, ceremonial dancing & sweat lodge work with indigenous elders
  • Wilderness medicine & other wilderness training

And I have the following training through life experience.