Community Development

Offering by Lukas

“Community development” is another one of those phrases that can mean a lot of things. I define it broadly as the work we do to bring visions of community change into reality.

Getting stuff done in this world does require engaging with systems and structures, some of which may feel toxic to us. I see this offering as about helping people navigate these practical challenges whilst maintaining their values, ideas, purpose, and spirit. groundingimage2In practical terms, I’m offering you support to get something going in community like a new organisation, project, program, or business. I will help you with the practicalities of visioning, goal setting, planning, and getting resources. 

Moving ahead with any new endeavour is a vulnerable feeling. We’re taught by mainstream society to hide these feelings, and present a vision of confidence at all times. I see it differently. Within our vulnerabilities lies the keys to walking a path that is true to ourselves. 

Of critical importance is contextualising our work within our survival struggle. We have to be honest with ourselves about the extent to which we want to rely upon this work for our “livelihood”. There’s no right or wrong direction here, but we must take great care to be honest about this. When something feels vital to our survival, our deepest fears and traumas will be stirred. For most of us, confronting these wounds fires our “overwhelmed masculine” into gear, that patriarchal voice in our head that wants to force outcomes into being through the “engineering/fix-it-mind”. If we’re not careful this can overcome our efforts to maintain our values.

The world being as it is, some work may well be just too sensitive to rely upon to make a living. We may be better off doing other work for money and keeping things seperate with firm boundaries as passion projects. Or maybe there’s a middle way. We just have to start the journey and find out. In any case, to the extent we need to employ our “engineering mind”, there are tools to help keep this energy in balance with a more sacred feminine-based practice of trusting in intuition, emergence and synchronicity. 

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