Strategy & Planning

Specialising in small community organisations and start-ups

The Earth Ethos approach to visioning, strategy development and planning balances your professional success with the needs and desires of the people doing the work, as well as all the other environmental factors.

groundingimage2The success any organisation is dependent upon the energy and passion of its people. This is especially true for small and founder-led organisations. Every success and failure is personal, and inter-personal. The journey matters as much as the result. Goal setting, strategy development and planning needs to reflect this complicated and interconnected reality — it needs to be holistic.

Every organisation will be different, but your journey may include these steps:

1. Checking in and long-term goal setting

2. Backwards mapping the steps from success till now (sometimes called theory of change)

3. Identifying specific and time sensitive objectives

4. Developing planning and project management tools

5. Exploring stakeholders and interpersonal dynamics

6. Ongoing support and coaching

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