treebgWe have offerings related to facilitating healing through Space-holding work, research and teaching about Indigenous Science, support for your passion project or new venture through Community Development, and in-person and online Gatherings to connect with people on similar journeys through ceremony.

Space-holding work is done in the gift economy or through apprenticeship, Indigenous science and Community Development offerings are done with a pay-what-you-can ethos, and Gatherings are free.

A gift economy framework, known as the “give-away” in Native American cultures, is based on a shared agreement of sacred reciprocity. An apprenticeship relationship requires a sacred commitment within a teacher-student relationship.

A pay-what-you-can exchange, called “dana” in Buddhism, is about the recipient being moved to pay the giver for the sacred value of the work, based on what they were given and their capacity to pay. In this way the service is not a commodity that is exchanged but takes place within a communal relationship.

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