treebgWe offer services related to Indigenous Science and Business Planning & Strategy, including organisational consultation and coaching; workshops and trainings; research collaboration and supervision for either a negotiable fee or pay what you can. Please contact us for next steps.

Pay what you can remuneration, called “dana” in Buddhism, is about the recipient being moved to pay the giver for the sacred value of the work, based on what they were given and their capacity to pay. In this way the service is not a commodity that is exchanged but takes place within a communal relationship.

In addition to these services, we also offer individual and group Healings which is done through gift economy or apprenticeship. Please contact us for next steps.

Our healing work is done within a gift economy, or the “give-away” in Native American cultures, which is based on a shared agreement of sacred reciprocity, or through apprenticeship, which requires sacred commitment within a teacher-student relationship.