Earth Ethos

treebgEarth Ethos is about weaving together our journey and yours, professionally and personally. We believe in creating sacred relationships and containers through which creativity and justice/healing emerges. Indigenous thinking and ways of being are the foundation for who we are and what we do, and we consider ourselves part of a local global network grounded in Australia and interconnected with people and places across this Earth.

Earth Ethos has a range of professional offerings related to Indigenous Science, Business Planning & Strategy, & Healing services. We also have free community gatherings and an online library of content that showcases our blog, published writings, and some art and dance. We invite you to learn more about Earth Ethos founders Valerie and Lukas Ringland.

Our intellects are powerful tools but only one part of how we be (ontology) and know (epistemology) in the world. We need a worldview and theory of everything (cosmology) that includes our spirits, emotions, bodies and environments. These, along with with our relationships with  dualities — sky and earth, visible and invisible, dark and bright light — all need to be in balance and harmony. We also need to recognise the great mystery, the non-dual, non-conceptual and spacious aspect of being that escapes definition.


Many cultures use a medicine wheel or mandala as a framework to help us make sense of the world and our place in it. In the modern world we tend to be overly focused on some  — the mental, physical, sky, bright light, visible — more than others, which creates imbalances, none more obvious than our strained and increasingly distant relationship with our Mother Earth. A restoration and revitalisation of these aspects of being is the inspiration for the name Earth Ethos. We see ourselves and all people as inherently indigenous to the Earth, and through Earth Ethos thinking and ways of being, we can each reconnect with our Indigenous ancestry and honour the Indigenous people and ancestry of the land where we live. It’s a life process of indigenisation and vitalisation, also known as indigenous science.