austree.pngSpace-holding offerings include shamanic journeys, soul retrievals, guided meditations, trauma healing, ancestral healing, sacred circle work, vision quests, altar work, grounding and earthing practices, dream and visionary work, connecting with trees and other non-human beings, and other rituals, tool and story sharing, and ceremonies.

Valerie supports individuals, families and groups to recover a lived experience of wholeness and strengthen connections with your own indigenous medicine, ancestry, and wisdom. She holds space, facilitates circle work for groups; shares healing tools and stories for people going through spiritual, emotional and psychic crises; and facilitates guided meditations and drum journeys as well as other rituals and ceremonies. Her expertise comes through lived experience, a shaman’s illness, and professional training.

Lukas co-facilitates circles and does healing work focused on settler trauma and the Anglo-Celtic Australian identity, the “fix-it mind“, and bullying (internal and external).

This work is done via gift economy, because healing primal energies and survival wounds requires honouring our inherent worth which does not occur within a capitalist economic market. Contact us to begin and find out more.