Facilitating & Healing

The primary purpose of our space-holding &  healing work is to strengthen the connection you have with your own indigenous medicine, ancestry, and wisdom. Valerie holds sacred space, facilitates sacred circle work for groups; shares space, healing tools and stories for people going through spiritual crises, and facilitates ritual and ceremony. Her expertise comes through lived experience, a shaman’s illness, and professional training.

Lukas co-facilitates circles and does healing work focused on topics like Anglo-Celtic Australian identity and settler trauma, the “fix-it mind“, and bullying (inside and out). Read more about Lukas.

Facilitating & Healing Offerings


  • Sacred circle work
    • Peace circles for families, groups, organisations
    • Healing circles for nourishment and well-being
    • Restorative justice circles for conflict resolution
  • Spiritual growth & awakening
    • shamanic journeying/meditation
    • dream and visionary work
    • soul retrieval healing
    • navigating spiritual crises/kundalini awakening
    • cross-cultural healing
    • healing trauma, grief/loss and violence
  • Ceremonial, ritual, and indigenous identity revival

This work is done via gift economy or apprenticeship, because healing primal energies and survival wounds requires honouring our inherent worth which does not occur within a capitalist economic market. Contact us to discuss further.