Indigenous Science

Training, research, and organisational well-being

treechakrasOur holistic approach respects the needs of individuals and communities, human and non-human. We offer workshops and trainings; research collaboration and guidance; organisational support and coaching related to Indigenous science. This includes:

  • Indigenous science professional development;
  • Culturally strong research;
  • Integrating Indigenous science into healing;
  • Indigenous science-based conflict resolution;
  • Indigenous organisational well-being & governance;
  • Community-building & cross-cultural relations.

A five-part Indigenous Science Dialogue series is available on YouTube. Past presentation and workshop topics have included:

  • An Introduction to Indigenous Science
  • Indigenous Science & Research Ethics
  • The Indigenous Science of Governance & Leadership
  • Space for space-holders: A healing circle for counsellors and psychologists
  • An Indigenous Science Approach to Trauma Healing
  • “Evidence-based” research & policy
  • Research Rigour: Discerning which “evidence” to trust
  • Cultural Competence isn’t Culturally Strong
  • Making Data Sovereignty Practical
  • Co-Design, Empowerment & Participatory Action Research
  • Traditional Knowledge, Intellectual Property & Indigenous Science
  • Conflict Resolution & Culture

If you are interested in discussing working together, please contact us.