Indigenous Science

Including research, organisational resilience, and justice / healing

treechakrasThe Earth Ethos approach is to see justice as synonymous with healing, which includes individuals and communities, human and non-human. We offer a monthly Indigenous research discussion group; workshops and training; research collaboration and supervision; organisational consultation, and coaching based on over a decade of experience. Areas of expertise include:

  • Indigenous science, traditional knowledge, and culturally-centred research;
  • Justice / healing including restorative justice, conflict resolution, and advocacy;
  • Navigating Western science, research, policy & law;
  • Confronting sexual & family violence, betrayal, grief & trauma;
  • Organisational resilience, indigenous governance, emotional and cultural safety; and
  • Community-building & cross-cultural relations.

If you are interested in joining the monthly Indigenous research discussion group or in other collaborations or services, contact us. For more information, you can view Valerie’s CV.