The primary purpose of my healing work is strengthen the connection someone has with their own medicine and wisdom. I hold sacred space; offer practical tools, rituals and ceremonies; share teaching stories; and bear witness as individuals and groups allow healing to emerge. My expertise comes through a shaman’s illness, professional training, and lived experience, and my specialities are:

  • spiritual healing;
  • trauma healing;
  • profound grief and loss healing;
  • ancestral healing;
  • navigating spiritual crises and kundalini awakenings;
  • healing sexual violence;
  • healing family violence;
  • healing abandonment and betrayal;
  • indigenous healing practices; and
  • cross-cultural healing.


I work within a gift economy, because deep healing of primal energies and survival wounds requires honouring our inherent worth regardless of access to money. I facilitate a free community peace circle monthly in Sydney, Australia, and regularly hold healing workshops around town. I am open to workshop requests and apprenticeships. Please “like” Earth Ethos on Facebook or contact me if you want to be made aware of upcoming events.