A workshop about Connecting with your indigenous mind will be held on winter solstice weekend, Sunday June 23 from 2-4pm in Dulwich Hill, NSW. Click here to view the flyer. Please contact me if you are interested in participating.

Contact me anytime to schedule a video chat to discuss how I may support you on your healing journey.


I specialise in support through profound trauma, grief and loss; cross-cultural challenges; ancestral trauma healing; and spiritual crises. I serve Earth Ethos community members with expertise from a shaman’s illness, professional training, and lived experience. I hold sacred space; offer practical tools, rituals and ceremonies; share teaching stories; and bear witness with my presence as you allow healing to emerge in your life.

I work with individuals and groups of varying ages within a gift economy. This is because I believe we are all called to serve each other and the greater good as Earth community members and have found that healing primal energies and survival wounds requires recognition of people’s inherent worth regardless of their access to financial resources. The primary purpose of this work is to strengthen a connection with your medicine and your wisdom, which is often hidden or discouraged in modern culture.

I regularly hold healing workshops. An Ancestral Trauma Healing workshop was held in February 2019 at South Sydney Trauma PTS. Click here to view the flyer. Please contact me if you want to be notified of upcoming workshops and events, or “like” Earth Ethos on Facebook.