I believe we are all called to serve each other and the greater good as Earth community members. As a medicine woman, I am a facilitator: I hold sacred space, share teaching stories and tools, and you allow healing to emerge in your life. When we are with someone who is holding sacred space for us, we relax in our bodies and feel our nervous system calming down. Physical presence also honours the Earth, and we learn to connect more fully with place and environment. I have worked with individuals of various ages and with groups. Living in balance means living in our hearts, and allowing our hearts to be purified of blocks to seeing that all is connected. Medicine wheel teachings help us see where life is in and out of balance, and offer tools to help us to live more fully in our hearts and feel more at home in our bodies.

I facilitate growth and healing by holding sacred space, sharing stories and tools. I offer insight into embodying an Earth Ethos based upon indigenous thinking and ways of being on a medicine wheel path of life. You allow learning and healing to emerge, and you decide how much effort to put into it and what direction to go. The primary purpose of this work is to strengthen a connection with your medicine and your wisdom, which is often hidden in modern culture. I support individuals, families, and groups. Offerings include:

  • Facilitation of:
    • Peace/talking circles
    • Empathic dialogues
    • Vision quests (modern & traditional)
    • Drumming meditation/shamanic journeys
    • Earthing ceremonies
    • Ritual healing events
    • Soul retrievals
  • Workshops on topics such as:
    • De-colonialising the mind
    • Your inner medicine person
    • Beyond cultural competency
    • Being an indigenous ally
    • Indigenous trauma healing
    • Constructively confronting conflict
    • Grounding/Earthing skills
    • Healing ancestral & intergenerational trauma 
  • “Office Angel” or “House Angel” services:
    • Meditation in your space
    • Space clearing & cleansing
    • Energetic grounding
  • Consultation to integrate an Earth Ethos into:
    • Your professional counselling practice
    • Your personal or family life
    • Your charity, business, or group

Reciprocation is necessary for any relationship to flourish. Contact me to find out more, and read about the Earth Ethos philosophy of a gift economy. There are no set fees.